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A brain-based approach to improving everyday performance.

Daily Nuro Flow


Daily Nuro Brain Flow

A personalized, proactive, and practical approach to brain training. Each flow puts you at the center of your own brain health and mental performance. Set reminders to stay on track. Consistency is key to progress.

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Man running in front of Nuro rings


Virtual Neural Scan

Our Virtual Neural Scan is a non-invasive tool that we’ve designed to strengthen your brain basics in a personalized manner.

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Nuro Networks

Our Nuro App is focused on 4 core neural networks. Through a Virtual Neural Scan the Nuro App will help make assessments on these 4 networks and create a personalized routine to help you improve them.

4 Neural Networks

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Why Nuro App?

Helping you build better brain health by focusing on the pillars needed for a healthy brain; blood flow/oxygen, glucose/sugar, and activation/networks.

We focus on changing the biology that creates behavior.

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