The app
The app

The NEW Nuro App is

coming March 2022.

What makes us unique?

We use the underlying biology of your brain to help make assessments and put you on a better, more personalized path.

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Why Nuro App?

Helping you build better brain health by focusing on the pillars needed for a healthy brain; blood flow/oxygen, glucose/sugar, and activation/networks.

We focus on changing the biology that creates behavior.

Nuro Networks

Our Nuro App is focused on 4 core neural networks. Through a Virtual Neural Scan the Nuro App will help make assessments on these 4 networks and create a personalized routine to help you improve them.

4 Neural Networks
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App Features:

  • Virtual Neural Scan
  • 2 Minute Daily Brain Flow
  • Stress Curve Analysis
  • Nuro Flow Activities
  • Weekly Intake

Try the existing Nuro App today!

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