Feb 21

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Who designed the Nuro app?

Daniel Gallucci, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Nurosene, is a trained functional neurologist, osteopath, and brain researcher. His clinical experience ranges from professional athletes to those with neurodegenerative disease and virtually everyone in between.

A personal brain cancer diagnosis in 2009 further fueled his obsession with peeking behind the curtain and better understanding how the brain functions in both sickness and health.

Who are the Subject Matter Experts?

Dr. Kavoosi, Head of Progressive Medicine and resident doctor, is an advocate and educator of alternative therapeutic strategies to improve mental wellness with a doctorate from McGill University and an undergrad in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from York University. His drive for better understanding and support for mental health was born of his own parotid tumor diagnosis at the age of 20. He currently spends his time working and helping those in need in the ER.

Melissa Biscardi is a registered nurse (RN), manual osteopath (DOMP), and a concussion clinician and researcher. She has dedicated her life to helping others improve their brain health and to feel like themselves again after suffering a concussion via effective, evidence-based treatment. Melissa founded The Rehab Lab, a leading program in concussion research and care. Outside of the clinic, she holds a blackbelt in Jiu Jitsu, and was the first Canadian to win a world title in the sport.

Why is brain training important?

Because the brain generates the mind.

Because everything we experience in this world can be attributed to the conscious and subconscious processes of the brain.

Because emerging research as well as our clinical experience indicates that training fundamental self-organizing mechanisms within the brain leads to better health and performance.

Nuro coaches you through a variety of Brain Flows designed to help create a level of coherence between these fundamental mechanisms.

Which countries is the Nuro App available in?

Currently, the Nuro App is only available in Canada and the United States. Follow us on our socials to be the first to know when this changes! Or if you have a country request, let us know at

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