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Virtual Neural Scan

What is a Virtual Neural Scan?

A Virtual Neural Scan is a real-time assessment of the underlying biological functions of the human brain. We start with 4 key neural networks and create a personalized path for you based on your specific results.

How does this differ from a physical neural scan?

Our Virtual Neural Scan is a proxy for underlying brain function and performance. Depending on the type, a physical scan provides qualitative and quantitative information regarding certain aspects of your brain.

Although not as comprehensive, our virtual scan still provides information about aspects of brain function that can be utilized for a personalized path to improved brain health and performance.

What can you assess from the scan?

The virtual scan will give us a basic idea of your underlying brain physiology as well as the function of some neurological networks important for your health and performance.

How often can I retest?

Every time you complete 30 Daily Brain Flows you will be given the chance to retest yourself.

Our goal is to give you time to be able to see change.

My score went down on my retest. Does this mean my performance is going down?

Not necessarily. It is quite normal to see fluctuations in scoring initially, especially as variables like sleep, stress, and level of attentiveness can easily alter the score.

The goal is to look at patterns over time and to stick to the training in a progressive, consistent manner.

Stress + Lifestyle

What determines my Nuro Stress Score?

During your initial intake, we ask a few questions related to the scientifically validated biopsychosocial model of stress. We then average it out to calculate your personalized stress score.

We will also send you a weekly “check-in” where we update your stress score and provide strategies based on your score.

How are my Nuro Lifestyle scores determined?

During your initial intake, we ask a number of questions that help us evaluate important lifestyle factors attributed to Nutrition, Recovery, and Movement.

We will then send you a weekly “check-in” where we update your lifestyle scores and provide actionable tips and strategies.

If you have other questions or need additional support, email: