Daniel GallucciJun 6

What Is Brain Health?

Purple, blue, and green underwater coral.

Brain health is the epicenter of how we live and function as human beings.

Brain health must be the key to health, as defined by WHO, because the brain is the agent of all our actions and the mediator of all our experiences.

Why Brain Health?

Philosopher Immanuel Kant said it best,

"Our world is constructed by our mind."

And to take that one step further, it is the brain that creates mind. So, by better understanding your brain you can better understand yourself.

We have taken the unfortunate (often unfavorable) view after decades of clinical practice and research, and despite all the wonderful advancements in technology, we are in the midst of a biological deterioration of the brain that has affected our neurological and physical health.

With that said, we do know the brain and body have far more potential for improvement than we ever thought possible. But the longer these interventions are delayed, the more uphill the battle becomes.

Real World Example:

You've been feeling down and anxious for months and Covid hasn't helped at all. Your primary physician has suggested medication and your therapist has been helpful on occasion. They have also suggested a meditation app that after a month has brought you little to no relief.

When looking at the situation medicine does the two things it has been trained to do:

1. Address symptoms

2. Provide cookie-cutter pharmaceutical relief.

While these things can be helpful, no attempt has been made to address the specific underlying neurobiology of the brain.

It is this underlying neurobiology that is our focus moving forward.

How to Build Better Brain Health?

We at Nuro focus on 3 pillars needed for a healthy brain; Blood flow/oxygen, glucose/sugar, and activation of neurological networks. We have known for decades that the brain creates behavior and that these pillars are fundamental to the development of optimal neurological activity. We target each of these pillars through our curated content developed by our in-house team of subject matter experts.

Nuro coaches you through activities to help activate neurological networks that are important in maintaining and restoring brain health. Throughout the app, you are able to select from a list of curated outcome-based stacks or individual activities all focused on promoting better brain health.

Source: Frontiers in Neuro Aging - Cerebral Blood Flow and Cognitive Functioning in a Community-Based, Multi-Ethnic Cohort: The SABRE Study