Our Science

We take a foundational approach to building a better you.

photo of someone absorbing the sun
photo of someone absorbing the sun
DNA > Cell > Organ > Person > Environment

4x4 Method

We’ve built a 4x4 model of human behavior, an evidence-based and clinically-validated way of improving mental health and performance by aligning the body, brain, and mind. It’s the beating heart of our program.

To do this, we have developed 4 therapeutic fundamentals that target 4 different human structures: the spinal cord, peripheral nerve, cerebral cortex, and brain stem.

4x4 Method Fundamentals

Research and Development

Research and development at Nurosene is both active and ongoing. It is never ‘good enough’ or complete. Nurosene is devoted to staying at the forefront of solutions that fundamentally change the way disease is treated and will aim to commercialize products that help patients find new forms of treatment.

Our business model emphasizes continued research, innovation and advancements in brain health. We are continuously dedicating efforts to validate and refine our product offerings and advancing technologies that complement our core objective of enhancing mental wellness and easing mental illness.

We are focusing on 3 areas: AI focused on user behavior, novel molecules and pharmaceuticals, and alternative therapies and new forms of treatment

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Predictive Healthcare

Supporting you to live a healthier today and brighter tomorrow.

We use an evidence-based data-driven approach to help generate insights and knowledge that will improve our opportunities to develop overall solutions for mental health conditions.


The data you provide is yours. We keep it private and anonymized. You own it.

Transparency is as important for us as it is for you. You’ll always know exactly how we are using your data, and how that data is being used to help others: to improve your current mental and physical health, to improve the mental and physical health of the public at scale, to create a predictive model where you are at the center of your own personalized healthcare process.

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