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Helping you discover your inner resilience.

women on rocks
women on rocks

Far too many people suffering from mental health issues and COVID has only amplified the statistics. People are afraid to get help or do not even realize they need help. Statistically, two-thirds of people will never get help. Ref.

Nurosene was founded in 2019 by Daniel Gallucci, a functional neurologist and researcher whose treatments focus on the brain and body.

Nurosene was built as a way to provide tools and strategies to the community at scale; which up until this point had been confined to private, highly specialized clinical environments.

We use a mix of equal parts science and practicality at Nurosene. It’s the underlying foundation of everything we do.

Our goal is no less than a better you via actionable and adaptable fundamental strategies to improve your daily mental wellness. We are leveraging the power of technology to provide a personalized approach for your overall brain performance and health.

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We’re a team of visionaries, leaders, and founders who have come together with the common goal of helping others.

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